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Spiritual Trauma & EMDR Therapy – 7 Steps to Help Clients Heal (now on demand!)

In April of 2016, a unique course on EMDR and Spiritual Trauma made its debut, and the response was overwhelming! Therapists from multiple countries, and almost every U.S. state and Canadian province registered. This highly-reviewed distance-learning course is approved by both EMDRIA and for 6.0 credits. After purchasing the course, you’ll receive a download link to the “Spiritual Trauma Purchase Confirmation” page. Here you can watch it on your own time at your own pace. and can download the course either in its entirety, or as 11 separate modules. Scroll down to learn more about the training and read what people are saying, or simply click the “Buy Now” button below to get started!


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Approved for 6.0 Professional Distance-Learning CEUs through is the CE provider of this course. *Certificates are awarded online after completion of the workshop. Participants print their own certificate after registering at, entering a keycode, and completing an evaluation form.

Presented by Mark Odland – MA, LMFT, MDIV


This online training is available for all Fully-Trained EMDR therapists, and can be virtually-attended from the comfort of your own computer!  To sign up, click the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page. Immediately after purchasing, you will receive a unique link to download the entire course. Unlike a live-streamed event, this download will allow you to watch it on your own time and break it up into more than one sitting.


Here’s what people are saying…



As an EMDR trained therapist and a Christian I found this course a blessing to me. It is the first course that met my needs as a faith based therapist and answered some of my questions regarding doing faith based EMDR therapy. Just what I needed at this time when I am trying to transition into private practice after working for non-profit agencies all of my career. Thank you Mark for a very necessary and informative course.

– Jessica Whitaker, LCSW, Richmond, CA


An excellent mix for therapists of spiritual guidance, ethics and EMDR, all most rightly directed for the ultimate benefit of my clients. Thank you, Mark, for your efforts in putting this together.

– Chris Teipel LPC, LAT/ Cheyenne, WY & Buena Vista, CO.


I found this course helpful, as spirituality is so important to so many clients. For example, the question of “how could God let this [trauma] happen” comes up so often, and the techniques suggested here will come in handy.

– Rebecca Pittenger, Ph.D., Pasadena, CA


In my practice, I see clients with a variety of faith backgrounds. This webinar provided specific enough information to be helpful while being broad enough to be applicable with clients from all kinds of backgrounds. He suggested interweaves that I believe will even help my clients who aren’t dealing with spiritual trauma.

– Julie Kramer, MS, LMFT – CA


This webinar was great. I am in the process of starting private practice (Christian based) and the information and concepts of applying EMDR within spiritual trauma will be of great benefit. I look forward to Mark being a source for needed information.

– Queenie Lathan, MA, LPCC-S – Warren, OH


Mark is so right that there is a spiritual component to almost everyone’s traumatic experience. Thank you for some VERY useful tools that I will begin to use Monday morning!

– Janice Harris Lord, LCSW,ACSW/LPC – Arlington, Texas


Mark’s presents his knowledge of the Christian Faith and EMDR in a clear and concise manner. The study materials are very useful and were in keeping with his presentation. The technical aspects of the webinar were seamless. Thank you.

– (June 2017 Attendee)


This information on spiritual trauma should be required learning for all therapists in their diversity trainings. I love how Mark blended in EMDR Therapy and the AIP Model. It felt very organic. Thank you, Mark.

– Susan Arland, MA, LMHC, EMDRIA, Approved Consultant, Des Moines, Iowa


This training was absolutely exceptional, I really enjoyed it and felt relaxed and present after it ended.

– Miriam Rivas de Madrid, LPCC, LPC-S


I have been hugely blessed by this webinar. I loved the way that Mark presented in such a real and practical manner with examples that really helped bring the concepts home. I definitely have learnt much that I can use in my counseling practice. Thanks again.

– Preethi Jacob, India


The course was was very well done and helpful for increasing my understanding of how to incorporate spirituality in my treatment with clients. I look forward to future presentations by Mark.

– Linda Richnofsky, LMFT, White Bear Lake, MN


Thank you, Mark, for the time and effort you put into developing this training. I have been very aware of how trauma can shake spirituality and relationships to the core. I also know that healing is available and that there is always hope. This training gives words and understanding to the dynamics of spiritual trauma and helps to shed light on the possibility of freedom and overcoming. Your training has been a blessing to me and gives me tools to add to my practice, including assessments and resources as well as things to think about and ways to develop curiosity with clients in their therapy process. I believe this will help to continue to shape our ability to be genuine and compassionate with others both in and out of our offices.

– Shelly Teske-Hulan, Registered Psychologist (Alberta, Canada)


Informative and valuable to anyone interested in dealing with spiritual matters. Mark kept my interest throughout the entire online course. Thank you.

– Andy Cassell, LCSW


I found this course extremely helpful in offering validation to clients struggling with trauma associated with spiritual experiences of shame and unworthiness. It gave me increased confidence to pursue these issues in the future. The tools and strategies were interesting and helpful.

– Linda Newbill, LCSW, PIP


Spiritual Trauma & EMDR Therapy – 7 Steps to Help Clients Heal is very therapeutic for both clients and therapists. This is a great course for self-healing from spiritual trauma.

– Jean Desrosier, MSC; RP; ICCDPD; CCAC (Ontario, CA)


Mark offers deep insight into the effective and ethically grounded exploration of meaningful spiritual concepts and questions with trauma clients. He demonstrates a soft but poignant use of EMDR resources and techniques to strengthen and free up clients who experience blocks while processing spiritual trauma. His systemic approach to healing is both organic and scientifically informed and his course is useful on many levels.

– October 2016 Attendee


Thank you so much for sharing your experience and expertise. Very refreshing webinar! I have some more tools in my toolkit and have learned how to use the ones I already had in new ways.

– Maureen Martens, MA, CPC, ICADC, CSAT


As I registered for this course and saw the course duration was wondering how i would be able to sit through these seven hours of the course. The content has been greatly helpful in not only learning new things to use in my therapy but also helped me rethink about myself. The section on not being able to set boundaries with some people because of the fear of losing relationships sounded so true about myself, the course helped me understand more of this and the need to set boundaries as it is better than the situation that it was during the conflict phase. My setting boundaries had created an unrest as people did not expect me to put my foot down or speak up. Felt guilty at times of doing it, but this course reassured the need for doing it. Thank you so much. The content and method of neutral validation and expressing genuine curiosity was also very beneficial to me. Thanks for the learning

– Elizabeth

Great webinar that incorporates strategies to use with EMDR and working with spiritual trauma. 7 steps will be easy to incorporate into my private practice. Thank you.

– October 2016 Attendee


I was edified both personally and professionally. Excellent presentation dude!

– October 2016 Attendee


This was not only a very innovative type of webinar but also allowed for an in depth learning about trauma, spirituality and EMDR. Mark’s style, knowledge and wisdom made this seminar a “Pearl of EMDR training.” I am looking forward to more of his teachings.

– Elena Coello-Jemmali, Psy.D. (Miami, FL)


I found this seminar to be very helpful. In a time where spirituality is seen as a taboo subject, Mark presented and shared how beneficial and healing ones faith can be.

– Jennifer Knapp, LPCC – Perrysburg, OH


In my own private practice as an EMDR therapist I frequently observe clients struggling with the impact of trauma on their belief system. While some of my clients come to see me because of our common beliefs and values, other clients have been afraid at first to share personal spiritual experiences or beliefs because of fear of being judged as “crazy.” I have tried to work with each of them in exploring and healing their heart wounds. Much to my chagrin, in peer supervision I have been told more than once that “religion is the problem” and encouraged to suggest to my clients that they “let go of their religious traditions.” For me, suggesting that a client relinquish their faith or belief system is a violation of my code of ethics. I find Mark’s course so helpful because it provides a framework and interventions that help a therapist set clear boundaries around their own biases while supporting clients in examining their existential questions. Mark’s training and perspective can help any therapist to examine their own beliefs and honor the beliefs of others. I think any therapist can benefit from this webinar and highly recommend it.

– Terry L. Chapman, MSW, LICSW (Fairmont, WV)


This course provided practical ways to address spiritual trauma, which is often overlooked, in an engaging and meaningful way.

– Deborah Moyer, MA, LMFT (San Diego, CA)


Mark presented this course with a strong knowledge base on both EMDR therapy and spirituality. His examples for Cognitive Interweaves were excellent and very useful. He integrated new concepts with already established beliefs about religion and spirituality that caused you to rethink these concepts. Truly a valuable and enjoyable experience!

– Wanda K. Holloway, PsyD, LPC, LCSW (Springfield, MO)


I particularly appreciated the information about Epistemology. It is a concept that somehow I had forgotten about. I am now using it in EMDR again. Thanks.

– Karen Massey, PhD, Counselling Psychologist, Alberta, Canada


Mr. Odland’s presentation gave testimony to the importance of including the client’s own spiritual background as an important tool in the overall healing process and providing the tools to make such an intervention accessible even for the layperson. I believe this can be a very valuable addition to my therapeutic arsenal.

– Sandra Lowen, PhD, LCSW – (Graham, WA)


This seminar provided me with the knowledge, insight, and tools to effectively incorporate spirituality as a healing modality into EMDR treatment. Thank you!

– Lorena Abarr, LMHC, CADC (Amherst, MA)


An important and well organized introduction to a deep and possibly under assessed area of trauma.

Wendy Krauss MS, LMHC, CAS (Leesburg, FL)


What a fair and sensitive presentation of this important subject!

– Michael Govan, MA LLP, LPC (Troy, MI)


Mark’s presentation answered many questions for me as to how to proceed with my EMDR clients who have suffered through and with spiritual trauma. I feel armed with the expertise he offered and more ready to serve those clients. I really appreciate Mark sharing. I intend to take more of his webinars and fully use his approach in my practice. Thanks again for your service as a minister and as an EMDR therapist. EMDR rocks, it changed my life and I know it will help countless others.

– Jonnie Mae MiddletonLotte, MS., PPS., EMDR., LPC. (Springfield, MO, USA – And a Happy Face!)


Thank you! I definitely feel more comfortable in exploring and addressing my clients’ spiritual trauma. I feel freer to help my clients to work through this area. I think our general training to be neutral actually results in us avoiding this area due to lack of comfort…I love the connection made between EMDR and healing spiritual trauma. I appreciate you investing so much to help so many of us all across the country grow in this needed area and equip ourselves. Our clients will certainly benefit!

– April 2016 attendee


I very much admire Mr. Odland’s comfort with spiritual topics. He has pulled together thoughts about the spiritual in a very unique and useful way.

– April 2016 attendee


This was an informative and thoughtful webinar that addresses spirituality and its role in EMDR processing and in the therapeutic relationship. Mark is an engaging presenter who is highly qualified in this topic area.

April 2016 attendee


Spiritual Trauma & EMDR Therapy – 7 Steps to Help Clients Heal provided interesting new and powerful ways to address the spiritual and moral injuries that occur too often to our clients. I’m looking forward to using them soon.

– Colleen Timpe, LCSW LAC


I thought this was a wonderful course that will help me bring greater ability to hold space for spiritual trauma and bring greater healing through the therapeutic relationship and EMDR into my practice. Mark is a warm, caring, and knowledgeable presenter.

– February 2017 attendee


Very informative! Thank you for a great presentation! I know that I will use this knowledge in my practice.

– Karen Oliphant, LPC, Killeen, TX


Most skillfully presented. Excellent balance of content. I now believe the positive reviews previously written were actually genuine & unfiltered! I hope for many clients sake that many EMDRers will study this. Thank you loads Mark.

– February 2017 attendee


I absolutely loved this course. As a Christian Counselor, this course offered so many practical examples and resources that are applicable to my practice. The reflection times were very helpful and I gained some meaningful insight into my own belief systems! I would highly recommend this course for EMDR therapists practicing with Christian clients!

– Leslie Taylor, MA, LPC-College Station, TX


Not only was the content of this course extremely beneficial to my practice, but the organization, timing, presentation and materials were impeccably professional and engaging.

– Debra A. Dykes, MA, LPC, LAC, EMDR Certified


I found this webinar to be insightful and informative. I have several EMDR clients that have this internal struggle and it prevents them from healing fully. With this knowledge and the worksheets provided I can now help them to resolve this struggle.

– Mary Fierst, LPC Fort Worth, Texas


I found this webinar extremely helpful, both personally and professionally. As a reasonably new therapist, I am working with many clients whose stories do involve some degree of spiritual trauma. This course has given me some specific things that I think will help both me and my clients. One of those key things is confidence – a new confidence to go there. Thanks.

– February 2017 attendee (LMFT)


This is a topic that is especially relevant to the trauma field. Mark does a great job of articulating what is needed to be a spiritually competent therapist when working with individuals who have experienced complex trauma & grief.

– Holly L. Shilling LCPC, NCC, EMDR Certified





Spiritual Trauma & EMDR Therapy – 7 Steps to Help Clients Heal, is self-paced, distance-learning course, and is approved for 6 CEs through EMDRIA and 6 professional credits through  In this advanced EMDR training, Mark Odland – MA, LMFT, MDIV, will teach you 7 steps, or principles, to help your clients heal from spiritual trauma.  In its broadest sense, all trauma might be considered spiritual, because it forces us to confront those deeper questions of meaning and purpose in our lives. However, due to the constraints of time, this course will provide a particular focus on working with those who have experienced trauma within organized religion.  Often, Mark’s clients come to him full of shame, longing to heal, and hoping to reclaim the best parts of their spirituality in a way that makes sense for them.

The content of this training took years to develop, and reflects the sum-total of Mark’s education and experience as a college religion major, 4-year seminary graduate, ordained pastor, LMFT, EMDRIA-Certified therapist, and EMDRIA-Approved Consultant.  Because of Mark’s background as a pastor, many of his clients seek him out in order to explore their Christian faith as part of therapy.  As a result, the majority of Mark’s stories, metaphors, and case examples will draw largely from his experiences working primarily with Christian clients.  While this focus might may not be broad enough for some therapists, Mark believes that his concepts could be applied to clients from a variety of backgrounds.




The Course is available for 6.0 EMDRIA Distance Learning CEs and 6.0 Professional CEUs.  It is sponsored by, which is endorsed by the APA and many state licensing boards.




This Course is Approved for 6.0 EMDRIA CEs and 6.0 Professional Distance-Learning Credits through is approved by:

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Certificates are awarded online after completion of the workshop.  Participants print their own certificate after registering at, entering a keycode, and completing an evaluation form.

* Licensed Professionals should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval.


After Registering

After Purchasing the Course the following will happen…

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After Webinar
After the course, you’ll be invited to spend a few more minutes to complete the course survey and wrap things up. A day or two after completing the survey, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the course evaluation on in order to receive your credits.  (again, upon completion, you will receive an email from the presenter with instructions for how to do this).

In the months to follow, e-mail list subscribers will receive the following…

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The Need


  • There is a Huge Need!  Gallup polls confirm that that despite our technological advances, the world remains a very religious place.  Trauma, whether experienced in or outside organized religion, often creates a crisis of purpose and meaning, and as EMDR therapists we have the great privilege and responsibility of helping them to heal.  Because the instructor is an ordained minister and provides EMDR therapy primarily to clients from a Christian background, this workshop naturally has a particular Christian focus.  However, its content has broad-reaching implications for the spectrum of spiritual trauma.
  • The Course will be Engaging! Bilateral Innovations has worked very hard to produce a course that is practical, helpful, and entertaining!  During the course be ready for stories, humor, music, slides, images, animations, time for self-reflection, and thoughtful imagery (Mark was an art major in college)




Odland, Mark - Photo from Website
Mark Odland – MA, LMFT, MDIV

Mark Odland is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice near Minneapolis, MN. As an Approved Supervisor through the Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy, he leads a team of therapists whose mission is to provide quality mental health care to the the Twin Cities metropolitan area. As an LMFT, Mark is qualified to treat a wide range of issues. However, he specializes in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), marriage therapy, family therapy, depression, anxiety, spiritual issues, and addiction.

Mark is a Certified Therapist with the EMDR International Association. He is also an Approved Consultant with both EMDRIA and EMDR HAP (Trauma Recovery), and a HAP Facilitator in Training. Before earning his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and becoming a licensed therapist, Mark received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Religion, and went on to earn a 4-year Master of Divinity Degree from Luther Seminary in St. Paul. He served as an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) before moving into counseling full-time.  As an artist and musician, when appropriate Mark utilizes creativity in both therapy and EMDR consultation. He formed “Bilateral Innovations” in hopes of using this creativity to design high-quality continuing education for other EMDR therapists.




After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify at least one reason why being “present” is helpful for treating spiritual trauma.
  • Define at least one common experience of spiritual trauma.
  • Identify how each of the “7 Steps” plays a role in treating spiritual trauma.
  • Define at least one intervention for helping clients to heal from spiritual trauma.




(6.0 hour total time investment)

The following outline provides you with a sequential breakdown of the main sections, with the corresponding times that they appear. After purchasing the course, the material can be downloaded as one, large file, or as separate, smaller modules. They are as follows:     


0:00 Course Overview

Questions and Expectations

Presenter Biography


22:06 The Need

Defining Spiritual Trauma

Common Experiences of Spiritual Trauma

Spirituality Around the World


59:23 Introduction to the 7 Steps

Defining Success

Being Present

Extra-Therapeutic Factors


7 Steps: PRESENT


1:19:57 Paradox

How Paradox Keeps Clients Stuck

How Paradox Sets Clients Free


2:15:56 Relationship

Relationship with God

Relationship with Therapist

Relationship with Others


2:48:07 Empathy

Movement from Shame to Empathy

Grace for the Inner Wounded Child


3:24:28 Systems Theory

The Importance of Family Systems Theory

The Spiritually-Informed Genogram for EMDR Therapy


Healthy Boundaries

The “Never-ending Why”

Freedom and Relationship


4:10:31 Epistemology

Truth and Trust

Sources of Spiritual Belief

Therapist Bias


4:42:45 Neutrality

The “Goldilocks” Rule of Validation

The Space for Forgiveness


5:12:20 Theological Curiosity

Childlike Curiosity with Adult Listening Skills

Self of the Therapist


5:49:57 Wrap up and Reflection

Post-Webinar Wrap-Up


After Course (please plan on spending a few more minutes after the training to complete the course survey and browse the Post-Webinar Wrap-Up page.  A day or two after the training you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the course evaluation on in order to receive your credits.  (again, upon completion, you will receive an email from the presenter with instructions for how to do this).


Refund Policy

After your code to take the post test and receive credits is emailed to you, refunds are no longer possible. However, if are unhappy with your experience and choose not to pursue credits for the course, your money will be refunded if a request is made in writing.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Assistance

*The program is ADA compliant. Please contact Mark Odland regarding any needed accommodations for the webinar itself at (844) 872-8625 or by using the contact form below. Please contact if special accommodations are required for obtaining your credits. Support for this can be reached by calling (866) 977-4105 or emailing them at

Questions and Grievances

If you have any other questions or grievances related to this course, please contact Mark Odland at Bilateral Innovations by calling (844) 872-8625 or by emailing Mark at:


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