Spiritual Trauma Course Materials

Hey everyone!

Before the webinar, please remember to do the following:

  • Click on the following link to download your Course Materials.  This document includes a detailed course outline and timeline, forms, assessments, resources, directions for getting your continuing education credits, and your “Put it Into Practice Guidebook!”
  • On the day of the online training, 95% of participants are able to view the webinar just fine. However, there are a couple simple things you can do ahead of time to help ensure that your experience with the technology is a good one.  First, make sure to Update your internet browser and Adobe Flash to their latest versions.  Also, make sure you haven’t installed any software on your computer that blocks Flash, as this could cause problems. At the end of the day the webinar Broadcast Room is a glorified streaming service. So, if you end up having trouble viewing the webinar it likely means your computer is too old, too slow, or not updated.  If you update the computer and still happen to run into problems, we have a backup plan!  Just click on the “tech support” button under the video and you’ll see other options for how to view the webinar.

Remember, you’ll receive reminder emails leading up to the training, and the final emails will also contain a link to the Broadcast Room where you’ll view the webinar.