Spiritual Trauma Wrap Up

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Course Materials

Course MaterialsIf for some reason you’ve misplaced your course materials, just click on the blue icon to the left.  It includes a course outline, key concepts, a study guide, course references, an intervention checklist, copies of the Assessments and Resources mentioned in the training.



Consultation Opportunities (10% discount)

ConsultationIf you’d like to continue the conversation around EMDR and spirituality, Mark offers opportunities for both individual and group EMDR consultation. EMDRIA-Approved, these consultation hours can also help you gain EMDRIA Certification! To learn more, click on the yellow “Consultation” icon to the left. Just remind Mark you’re a course graduate, and he will take an additional 10% off the package of your choice.


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If you’d like a reference guide you can hold in your hand, you might be interested in the paperback book version of the course. Just click on the image to the left to read more and find out how to order.






Along with standard resources like the safe/calm place and container, this innovative coloring book seamlessly complements the EMDR therapy process. It includes 200 positive affirmations paired with 200 works of fine art by famed printmaker, Alphonse Legros. Used for both coloring and journaling, each page provides an elegant and creative opportunity for clients to practice emotional regulation in and between EMDR therapy sessions.Just click on the image to the left to read more and find out how to order.